vision:teilen e.V.

The non-governmental organization vision:teilen was established in 2008 by two Franciscan brothers, Peter Amendt and Klaus Dieter Diedershagen. The aim is to provide help for the poorest and people in need, to encourage them to live an independent life while introducing them to the idea of sharing.

vision:teilen has adopted the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Agenda 2030,which build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), eight anti-poverty targets that the world committed to achieve by 2015.

vison:teilen is dedicated to help where no governmental or charitable actions are provided. The focus lies on the nutrition, education and medical treatments as well as income-generating activities.

Supported are group projects with a maximum amount of 3.000 Euros. In special cases we support - in cooperation with other organizations and with the contribution of the local community - bigger projects.

Besides the regional projects in Germany vision:teilen also maintains international projects in nine different countries, on four continents. Our international projects are always supervised and monitored by local partners – mostly by Franciscan Community members or organizations and groups close to them. They all stand for a certain auxiliary service and they have a strong personal motivation to support our projects.

„Sharing can make the world a better place“.

Peter Amendt, Franciscan, OFM 

Project Description (Download - EN)


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